About Us


iFinish is part of Timing Technologies India Private Limited, a leading provider of timing services for Active sports. For more information about Timing Technologies, please visit Timing Technologies.

iFinish is a community for people who want to learn, register, share and ultimately participate in events which they are passionate for. iFinish is not a blog with information, we bridge the space between event organizers and enthusiastic participants.

Advantages for event Organisers


Any Organizer of active sports with iFinish will have a direct advantage of reaching a huge community which is already tied up with Timing Technologies. The event would also be promoted in form of new letters updates and more. The organizer will have real time statistics of registrations for his event and can understand where the event needs more promotional activities.

What does the Participant Get?


Ifinish is one place where a participant has all his participated events at one place. He can keep track of all his events, his progress and accomplishments. Once registered through iFinish, the participant gets real time social updates during the event and gets his results tagged by default. The participant can purchase his media of the event in various forms. The participant is fed with events near and around him so that it's easy for him to select events.

Once the participant fills his profile he can apply to any event without reentering his details. The details of the participant will not be shared with any anonymous clients.