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Grama bharathi is an ngo working for the welfare of villages in Telangana. Acharya Nagarjuna awasam is a hostel run by them for orphan/semi orphan/destitute boys.

Grama Bharathi's Acharya Naglarjuna Awasam situated at Nalgonda district (80kms from Hyderabad) is a home for about 60 orphan / Semi-orphan kids from below poverty line. Here they are provided with Shelter, food, clothing, education to get educated and to live with dignity. They are also groomed to be better citizens of the country while trying to give utmost love & care they truly deserve to build their confidence and to not get exposed to anti elements in the society.


Various projects/requirements:

- Train farmers on Natural farming techniques to reduce farm input cost and farmer suicides etc across Telangana

- To construct a facility and start a Horticulture college in our orphanage in Marrigudem, Nalgonda facility.

- To build educational capabilities, nutrition, safety and other facilities for our hostel kids who are either Orphans, semi orphans or destitutes

- We want to replace the aluminium utensils with that of ithadi (Brass). Please help us achieve this to help us in improving our kids health (as you know Aluminium is poisonous)

- We need a projector to share knowledge with our kids, to organize online trainings for them including English and cctv cameras to do remote surveillance and ensure their safety, security since they are remotely located.

- Please interact with our kids to identify their skill sets and interests and suggest skill development programs we can organize

- We have computers but are for repair and old configuration, if your ex students can help fix them during your visit it would be great

- We have 20+ acres land at our orphanage which if cleaned can help us provide a sustainable solution for their food needs. Our kids help us in planting trees, vegetable cultivation in little land

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