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The Organisation:

Manasa Institute of Child Health and Disability Studies (MICHADS) endeavors to promote and strengthen child health and comprehensive rehabilitation services to transform the lives of children with disabilities and their families through service delivery, training and research programs. The organization has all the facilities to provide facility based and community based child health and disability rehabilitation services and takes up contextual training and research programs.


1. Take up programmes and projects in child health, disability and inclusion to in consonance with PWD Act 2016 and UNCRPD keeping in view Full Life Cycle Needs and need for the Access to Enabling Environment.

2. Develop short term and long-term education and training programmes to address the gaps in human resource development needs in the Child Health and Disability Rehabilitation in India and other South Asian countries.

3. Take up research and extension (community health and rehabilitation) and publications focusing on various issues in child health and disability empowerment policies and practices.

4. Develop innovative models in child health and disability empowerment involving communities through rights based people centric approach. Develop capacities of cadres involved in child health, inclusion and disability empowerment and strengthen systems and community assets.

Inception & Motivation: 

Before 1990 there were very few health and rehabilitation facilities in Hyderabad for children with disabilities. The existing facilities could not cater the needs of many special children. The services to train an Intellectually Challenged child are very expensive and not within the reach of a common man and admissions were restricted to only mild and moderately retarded students. A motivated group of 13 lecturers (one among them is a mother of a special child) from Raja Bahadur Venket Rama Reddy Women’s College, Narayanaguda, have planned to establish a voluntary organization for the rehabilitation and integration of Intellectually Challenged by contributing some of their savings and effort. They are supported by their family members and friends. MANASA was established on 26/02/1991.

MANASA is a registered, non- profit organisation. MANASA Special school for the Mentally Challenged Children was started on 30/08/1991 in a small rented premises at Barkatpura, Hyderabad – 29; with one teacher and one ayah. There were only 3 students during 1991. Presently the school is functioning in its own building at Mohan Nagar, (Kothapet, Hyderabad) covering 80 beneficiaries with all required manpower and infrastructure.

Annually, Manasa delivers services to over 10,000 needy children with disabilities.

Existing Services:

Clinical Services: Child Health, and Rehabilitation therapy services at Manasa Institute. Community Based Health and Rehabilitation Services: Rural and Tribal areas of Bhadraadri and E. Godavari (Telangana and AP borders) School for the Special Children: with 80 children Vocational training unit for the youth with Intellectual disabilities: with 30 persons with disabilities Training and Research: Training and capacity development of grass root level health workers, ANMs, in-service doctors and ICDS teachers etc. Analysing policy gaps and improving organisational systems as the priority areas; MANASA has been taking up research activities.

Organisation’s main centre is a four storied own building in serene surroundings located in Hyderabad with Child health and rehab clinical services (Neurodevelopmental Clinic with Medical, Nutrition, OT, PT, Speech & Audiology, Optometry & Psychology)and Centre for Severe Disabilities in 1st Floor; Special Education Centre, Early Intervention, , Centre for ASDs and Vocational Training Unit in 2nd Floor; Administration, Office, Meeting Hall, Canteen in 3rdFloor; and Library, Class rooms & Seminar Hall in 4rth Floor. The entire premises is “Barrier – Free” equipped with Staircase, Lift and Ramp &railing.

Credibility & Legal Status:

1. Registered under AP Public Societies Registration Act 1350 F

2. Registered U/S 12A & 80G of IT Act 1961 on 05/07/1991

3. Received GIA from MSJ&E, GoI for the period 1995 to 2002.

4. Registered with MHA, GoI under FCRA in the year 2001 and it will be valid till 31.10.2021.

5. Registered with Government of AP under section 52 of PWD Act 1995 in the year 2005.

6. Registered with National Trust, Ministry of Social Justice Empowerment, Government of India under National Trust Act 1999 and will be valid till February 2022.

7. Registered with Planning Commission of India under Government – NGO Partnership.

8. 80 G sanctioned for life time (order dated 28.08.2012).

9. Accredited by Credibility Alliance, Delhi under desirable norms for good governance, transparency and accountability.

10. Empanelled with NCSR Hub, TISS – Bombay.



Project Title: 

Special Children in Slums ( SCS)


The Children with disabilities in select slums fo Hyderabad.


In India maternal and child health indicators such as MMR & IMR in some of the backward areas in the country are inferior to even sub Saharan countries. In India approximately 15 000 preschool children are blinded each year by lack of vitamin A. Deficiency of Iron and folic acid in pregnant women is a major cause of abnormal foetal development such as neural tube defects and consequent disabilities in children.According to CRIN over 150 million children worldwide have a disability. 50% of children with hearing impairment 90% of children with visual impairment and 60% of those with an intellectual impairment are sexually abused and are very vulnerable. 90% of the children with disabilities will not survive pass twenty years of age. Children with disabilities face discrimination not only in services but also in the justice system as they are often not considered credible witnesses.In India, no single government entity has been assigned the responsibility of caring and protection of these children, which leads to varying data about occurrence of disability amongst children. In India 1.67% of the 0-19 population has a disability. 35.29% of all people living with disabilities are children. Other estimates say that India has 12 million children living with disabilities. Only 1% of children with disabilities have access to basic health, remedial or rehabilitation services and school and interestingly one third of most disabilities are preventable with early identification and preventive action. Under-nutrition is a severe problem with children who suffer from cerebral palsy. In India 80% of children with disabilities will not survive past age forty.

Most of the children with disabilities who do not have access to services are living in slums and rural areas. Hyderabad has the second largest population of urban poor among the cities in India - 23 per cent. This means out of 100 Hyderabadis, 23 are poor. Majority of these are slum dwellers. There are over 1500 slums in Hyderabad. The incidence and prevalence of disability among them is obviously many times compared to others.


Under this project, the MANASA INSTITUTE will reaching the unreached with children with disabilities with vitamin A ( to prevent vit. A. related blindness and and deworming medicines to prevent worm related anemia and malnutrition ) for children and screening and early intervention services and also providing counselling.

The MANASA INSTITUTE organise CBR ( Community Based Rehabilitation) camps in  slums to screen/test and identify the children with disabilities and children with developmental delays and other health problems that are potential to lead various impairments and disabilities.

Providing them the community  based physiotherapy, speech therapy, psychotherapy, special edcuation services parent counseling and facilitating the social security benefits in addition to aids and applainces that they require. 





Donations to this NGO have 50% tax exemption for Indian donors.

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