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Kriti Social Initiatives was established in 2009 with a very wide remit to work towards the alleviation of poverty in urban areas. Established as a Public Charitable Trust, Kriti works to empower women through skills training and capacity building, promote livelihoods for women and ensure education of children in slums in Hyderabad.

We have 5 ongoing Projects in Education

Project Disha - Kriti Scholarship Program

Project Shiksha - Government School Project

Project Tulika - Pre-primary Education Project

Project Champion - Sports in Government Schools

Project Kaushal - Computer Literacy in the Slums


We have 2 On going projects in Women Empowerment/Skill Development

Project Hunar - Women Skill Development  through Tailoring

Project Milan - Empowering 400 Women in Tailoring and Embroidery



Project Disha - Scholarship Program:

Based on the belief that every child has a right to education, the Kriti Scholarship Program identifies children who are at the risk of dropping out of school and provides them with financial assistance and mentoring to ensure they complete education till at least 10th grade.

In the Film Nagar slums, 80% of children are studying in English medium private schools that put a significant financial burden on the family. Kriti identifies financially vulnerable families that are very interested in educating their children but are unable to do soat the risk of dropping out of schools.

The program runs with no overheads, as all donations go directly towards school fees. The selection of children, administration of disbursements, regular meetings with the children is done entirely through volunteer efforts. The program, started in 2010 with around 30 kids, currently provides financial assistance to over 300 children from the poorest families in the slums.


·         Around 200 children supported by the program passed Grade 10

·         Children from these vulnerable families finish their basic education and are in a position to take up better paying jobs and become economically self-reliant

·         Mentoring programs helps improve their self-esteem, communication skills and general knowledge of the children

·        Allows for the next generation to pull the families out of poverty through better career options





Donations to this NGO have 50% tax exemption for Indian donors.


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