Privacy Policy


This privacy policy sets out how iFinish uses and protects any information that you give when you use this website.

iFinish is committed to ensure that your privacy is protected. Should we ask you to provide certain information by which you can be identified when using this website, then you can be assured that it will only be used in accordance with this privacy statement of iFinish.

iFinish might change the privacy policy any time in the future, so kindly do check it regularly.

We Collect


We might collect the following information:

  • Name, email and contact number. Strictly confidential and would not be shared with any of partners
  • The database will only be shared with the event organizer
  • Contact details, will be shared only with our strategic partners to send any postal entities.
  • Emergency details will be shared with the event organizer of which you have registered.
  • Other information relevant to event organizer.



We are committed to ensuring that your provided information is secure. All necessary precautions are taken care to safeguard and secure the information we collect online.

Information that is collected when visiting this site


We collect no personally identifiable information about you when you visit our site unless you choose to provide that information to us. If any found they are not by willingly copied nor posted by other users of our support team. Please contact us if any identifiable informaton that morely correlates your information and need to be removed from website. The information provided does not try to boost our products sales against the similar poducts available in the market. The product information posted on this webiste does boost the development, support and service of our products only.

For the protection of users of our Web site, we have safeguards in place to identify and prevent unauthorized attempts to access or cause harm to information and systems.

Our web site, the type of browser and operating system you are using, the date and time you visit, the pages and files your request, and the last site you visited (if that site contained a link to any web page). We use this information to determine the level of traffic through the server and the level of interest in the individual files available on the server. None of this information identifies you personally, and we do not give, sell, or transfer any of this information to a third party.

The logs may be preserved indefinitely, and they may be used to prevent security breaches and to ensure the integrity of the data on our servers.

Information You Provide Voluntarily


If you give us information about yourself in an e-mail or through a feedback page, any information you provide is used only to help us prepare a response. As we do so, the information you provided may be viewed by various people within the Support Team. The information you provide is protected in accordance with the standards iFinish has developed to avoid public usage of users data. Submitting voluntary information constitutes your consent to the use of the information for the stated purpose. For site management functions, information is collected for analysis and statistical purposes. This information would be used for our promotional activities but wouldn't reveal personally identifiable information, and will not be released to any outside parties unless legally required to do so in connection with law enforcement investigations or other legal proceedings.

  1. Please register for an event with care, confirmed registrations are non-refundable, non-transferrable and cannot be modified. Provide us with a secure email address that you can access regularly, as this will be our primary means of contacting you during the run up to the event.
  2. Any notice sent to the email address registered shall be deemed as received by the runner/cyclist.
  3. Please fill out only those fields that are necessary for mailing purposes, Do not provide redundant data in multiple fields(Do not list the same data for city, province, and country), as this will only complicate our ability to contact you.
  4. By registering you agree that long distance running/cycling is an extreme sport and can be injurious to body and health. And you have necessary training for the event
  5. You also assume all risks associated with participating in this event including, but not limited to, falls, contact with other participants, the effects of the weather, including high heat or humidity, traffic and the condition of the road, arson or terrorist threats and all other risks associated with a public event.
  6. You agree to abide by the instructions provided by the organizers from time to time in the best interests of your health and event safety.
  7. You also agree to stop running/cycling, even if there is no reason cited, as instructed by the Race director or the medical staff or by the aid station volunteers.
  8. By accepting the terms and conditions you agree that ifinish can send email or sms in future related to ifinish website.
  9. You confirm that you filled in a questionnaire on your medical condition to the best of your knowledge and ability, as requested in order to assist them in case of an emergency.
  10. You confirm that your name and media recordings taken during your participation may be used to publicize the Event.
  11. You understand that confirmed registrations and merchandise orders are non-refundable, non-transferrable and cannot be modified. The organizers reserve the right to reject any application without providing reasons.Any amount collected from rejected applications alone will be refunded in full (excluding bank charges wherever applicable).
  12. The organizers will contact the runners only by email or phone number.Any notice sent to the email addressor or phone number registered with the Organizers shall be deemed as received by the runners/cyclists.
  13. iFinish enables a transaction between you and the event organizers, and iFinish is not liable for any payment related issues.
  14. Once a transaction is completed, iFinish is not liable to process any refunds under any circumstances.
  15. For any refunds, grievances, claims and questions related to the event and its execution please contact the event organizer.
  1. If you desire to cancel your services, please email to 30 days before expiry of the service.
  2. There is no cancellation fee. Once your account is cancelled, your Content may not be recovered.
  3. There will be no refund if you cancel the Service before the end of your current, paid-up month or year, and you will not be charged or billed thereafter.
  4. You agree that iFinish or any event organizers shall not be liable for any loss, damage, illness or injury that might occur as a result of your participation in any Event.
  5. You confirm that, in the event of adverse weather conditions, major incidents or threats on the day, the organizers reserve the right to stop/cancel/postpone the Event. No refunds will be given in case of such an eventuality.
  6. You acknowledge and agree that your personal information can be stored with iFinish and can be used for any promotional activities

    I acknowledge that the cycling event conducted on 5th of November 2017 by DoIt Sports Management India Pvt. Ltd. hereinafter called (“Promoters”) is an extreme test of a person’s physical and mental limits and carries with it the potential risk for death, serious injury and property loss. There are both known and unanticipated risks. The known risks include, but are not limited to travails by road, temperature, weather, the physical and mental condition of the participants including my own physical and mental condition, my acts or omissions or failure to act, first aid, emergency treatment or other services rendered, consumption of food or drink, lack of hydration, latent or apparent defects or conditions in any equipment or property supplied by the Promoters, or other persons and/or entities, vehicular traffic and actions of other people including any other external events. I understand and acknowledge that the above listing is not complete or exhaustive, and that other risks, known or unknown, identified or unidentified, anticipated or unanticipated, foreseeable or unforeseeable, may also result in injury, or damage to myself or property, and I expressly accept and acknowledge those risks not specifically listed above as well.

    I expressly agree, covenant, and promise to accept and assume all responsibility and risk for injury, death, illness or disease, damage to myself or to property, to participants, spectators or to other third parties and their property, arising from or relating to my participation in the Promoters - sponsored practices, activities and/or events and all related activities. I am voluntarily electing to participate in, attend, Promoters - sponsored activities and/or events in spite of these risks. I certify that I am physically fit, have sufficiently trained for participation in Promoters - sponsored practices, activities and/or events and have not been advised otherwise by a qualified medical person I irrevocably waive, release and forever discharge from any and every claim, demand, action or right of action of whatever nature or kind and all liability of any kind which may hereafter accrue to me in connection with my participating in, Pedal Delhi - sponsored practices, activities and/or events, Promoters - their past, present and future directors, officers, members, employees, servants, volunteers, representatives, and agents, event holders, event sponsors, event directors, event volunteers, and event officials, (collectively the “Releases”) I HEREBY WAIVE, RELEASE, DISCHARGE, HOLD HARMLESS AND PROMISE TO INDEMNIFY AND NOT TO SUE the Releases and the sponsors of Promoters - sponsored practices, activities and/or events, the Promoters and, and employees through or by which practices and/or events will be held, (the foregoing are also collectively deemed to be Releases) FROM ANY AND ALL RIGHTS AND CLAIMS INCLUDING CLAIMS ARISING FROM THE RELEASEE’S OWN NEGLIGENCE.

    Riders consent to the use of all photographic or video material pertaining to their participation in the said event made by the Promoters or their assignees during any activity by DoIt Sports Management India Pvt. Ltd. at any time in the present or future.